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A Little About Me

Training for Greatness


Iain has been coaching for over 10 years now and is over his 10,000 hours of teaching goal. 

An absorbing and inspiring journey has taken him from Australia to the UK and then back again via India, Korea and Spain. All of the many swimmers and coaches Iain has met have helped to mould his teaching style and firm his love for the sport.

Iain has this to say about how he sees the sport:

Swimming is a misunderstood sport and for this reason greatly overlooked by many. It simply does not need to be as hard as it seems, if only we step back and realise we would do better to work with the water and not against it.  

I came back into swimming regularly through my love of surfing. I knew I needed to swim to keep my fitness levels up but it always seemed a second best option, only to be entertained when there was no surf or as a must do session so I was safe in the ocean. 

As my surfing improved and I started analysing the movements on the wave it started to occur to me that there must be a better way in the pool as well. How to recreate the slide and glide feel of moving across a wave effortlessly. 

I trained in Australia to coach swimming under the Austswim program and started working with a great team at the Palm Beach Swim Club in Queensland. I learnt different ways to coach and seeing things with fresh eyes and from a different sport base I asked lots of questions and tried lots of new things. On returning home to the Uk in 2009 my goal was to find a simple teaching system that makes swimming feel better and at least a little easier to learn. Everything I tried that worked well came down to one basic principle and that was I taught people to balance in the water first and foremost and I did not rush the process. My research on this idea guided me to the Total Immersion System which is a method of swimming instruction, developed by Terry Laughlin, an American swimming coach. Its primary focus echoes my current thinking and coaching methods and teaches swimmers to move through the water efficiently. By conserving energy and focusing on balance and streamlining in the water, any energy used for propulsion becomes much more effective. Training and qualifying alongside some of the worlds best Total Immersion coaches has been a dream come true and with the facilities available at “Swimspace” I am excited to pass the knowledge on. 


Total Immersion Master Coach. 

Austswim Water Safety (Australia)

Austswim Infant and Preschoolers

Austswim Assessor 

ASA level 2 (UK)